Frequently Asked Questions

Why Affordable Quality Websites?
We provide professional Web Designs starting as low as $199. Other companies charge thousands for websites like we build at low, affordable prices. With our websites, you have the option of editing pages, yourself, using a super-easy, non-technical user interface or we can do that for you. You don’t have to spend time learning how to use complicated “tools.” Support help is just a phone call, text or email away! Plus… you can get a free website preview of what your custom-built Home Page will look like before investing anything! Who else will do that for you?

Will your websites work on mobile devices?
Yes, Affordable Quality Websites is a mobile website designer all websites look as beautiful on cell phones and tablets as they do on computers. You definitely need your website to come up in the searches that so many people perform when they are on-the-go and looking for a business like yours.

Are your websites optimized for SEO?
Absolutely! All websites are Search Engine Optimized. We write the content for your website that contains keywords and search phrases that people will use when looking for a business like yours. We also use titles, meta tags and descriptions that are discovered by search engines like Google, Yahoo and Bing. When the people perform searches, Google, for instance, will match the user’s searches to the information we set up for you behind the scene.

Is the web design process difficult?
It's actually very easy! Simply send us a digital file of your logo, if you have one along with any digital images you would like to use. We have professional images that will dazzle your visitors, if you prefer. If you have content, just email it to us and we will send you a short questionnaire that will help us write content for you that will attract website visitors. We'll design a website that will entice visitors to call or visit you!

Can I make updates to content myself?
Yes, you can make changes at any time, 24/7, with our easy-to-use editing interface. Add videos or testimonials, swap out pictures or change content at any time of day. Or, if you don’t get along very well with computers, we will be happy to make any changes for you. It’s your choice. Additional fees would only apply to changes that require lengthy time requirements on our part. (eg. graphic layout designs, building form boxes or having to manually type lengthy content rather than copying & pasting from an email, etc.)

How long does it take?
Usually, it takes about a week from when you place the order. A lot depends on how long it takes you to send us the things we need. (eg. Logos, images, content, reviews, etc.) Then, when it’s completed, we’ll make any final adjustments that you would like. It will look just the way you want it before it goes online!

What's considered a page?
A page includes any content, images, reviews, slides, videos, etc. on any given tab at the top (also shown at the bottom) of the site. Examples are, "Home", "Menu", "About", “Gallery”, “Reviews” and “Content.” Each page has its own tab for viewers to click on.

How do you handle the payments for the website?
We usually get half of the down payment and then go to work building the site. After it is completed, you will review it and we’ll make any needed adjustments at that time. When you approve it, we collect the other half of the design and setup charge and then make the connections to your domain name, making the site live so visitors can begin viewing it. The monthly website maintenance fees are usually handled with a credit card and are drafted via an ACH transaction by your bank each month. The first month’s maintenance is included in the design and setup fee and will not begin for 30 days after the website is activated.

Can you work with me on stretching out the payments?
We are called Affordable Quality Websites for a reason. We will absolutely work with you to make your website affordable and budget compliant. Most clients choose the half down and half at completion method but if you need help, we will agree to payment terms that will enable your business to have the website it needs.

How long is the contract?
Great news! There are NO CONTRACTS. We build a website for you that we know you’ll love and most of our clients have been with us for years without any contracts because they love their sites and how they keep working for their businesses. You can quit any time you like but we just figure, with your website working 24/7 for you, why would you want to?

How do I get started?
You can contact us using the Contact Form on the “Contact” page of our website or just call us at (352) 304-2556. We'll talk about what your website will need and help you work an affordable package into your budget. We'll answer any questions and get started on a free website preview of your custom-designed Home Page layout for you to review before investing anything or making any commitment.